Our Native children have tutor support both in the classroom and after school with RHC staff. Our staff can be found in the classroom in Taylorsville Elementary, Greenville Elementary and Greenville High School in selected classes. After school we offer tutoring at Roundhouse Council, with a snack included. Students bring their homework and daily reading assignments. For our older students we have a computer lab with NovaNet and other programs used in the school available. Our focus is on strengthening academic skills, but we like to also occasionally offer crafts and other cultural activities. Weather depending, transportation may be available for those students whose parents are unable to provide it for them. We have also rewarded our hard working students with trips to Chico to go roller skating and Chester to go bowling. Here at RHC we do what we can to help our students to be successful.




I.   The goals of the Roundhouse Council Tutoring Program are:

       A. To motivate students and parents to participate in their own education.

       B. To improve the academic performance of P.U.S.D. Indian students.

       C. To provide Indian students with cultural enrichment activities.

       D. To provide supplementary support to students, parents and teachers.


II.   The program accomplishes these goals through:

        A. Regular meetings with teachers, parents and students. The purpose of these meetings includes, but in not limited to:


              1. To determine specific goals and objectives for the tutoring sessions.

              2. To identify existing challenges and barriers to achieving those goals.

              3. To developing specific plans for overcoming barriers and achieving goals.

              4. To monitor and evaluate progress towards the established goals.

              5. To adjust goals and plans as needed.


       B. Regular tutoring sessions with the students. These sessions will be carried out:


              1. Using established goals and plans.

              2. In a format that is easy to use and understand by both parents and students.


III.   The Roundhouse Council will document accomplishment of program goals by:

        A. Maintaining student files containing:


              1. Records of student academic progress (report cards, etc.)

              2. Records of contacts with parents, teachers and other involved parties.

              3. Other documentation and records as deemed appropriate.


These files will be maintained in a confidential and professional manner to the extent provided by law.